Traffic along the quays was severely disrupted on Tuesday afternoon as local taxi drivers staged their latest protest against the lack of rank spaces in the city centre and the number of taxi licences being issued.

Organised by the Waterford Taxi Driver Association, the protest involved a three-hour work stoppage, commencing at 12 noon, with about 100 taxi drivers carrying out a go-slow along the quays and on the bridge.

The Association says an over supply of licence plates in the area is leading to diminished earnings and quality of life for taxi drivers, with many now working between 60 to 70 hours per week in order to make a living. The organization recently announced that it would be instructing its members to vote for representatives of the Workers’ Party, Sinn Fein and Independent City Councillor, John Halligan in the upcoming Local Elections, in a shot against the traditional Mayoral pact.