Waterford County Council is to close its motor taxation service in Tramore and curtail road tax counter facilities as part of the latest round of cutbacks in local authority services.
The move led to protests being voiced at a council meeting in Dungarvan on Monday amid claims that a two-tier service was bring provided in favour of Dungarvan to the detriment of Tramore.
However, County Manager, Ray O’Dwyer, said there was no question of centralising services in Dungarvan at the expense of Tramore. Difficult choices had to be made as there was no money available and staff had been reduced considerably.
Director of Services, Frank Curran, said the Council had increased its on-line delivery of services and there had been some successes in ‘bill pay’ of rents and there were no longer any rent collectors. Up to 90% of the charges on non principal residences were collected on line and the Council took in €1.3 million on its websites last year.