Traffic lights at Holy Cross School in Tramore were out of order on 11 of the first 17 days of December, Cllr Joe Conway informed the local Town Council’s January meeting.

He said he notified the County Council’s Area Engineer Jane O’Neill who told him she got the installers to check the matter out and they concluded that the control box had been vandalised.

A report from the Engineer presented to the meeting stated that the control box had been replaced. The situation would be monitored and further steps to vandal-proof the box would be considered if deemed necessary.

Cllr James McCartan took exception to the blame being laid on so-called vandals. He said the lights had been giving trouble for years and he didn’t accept vandals were to blame.

Speed limit

Meanwhile, Stan Nangle, set to stand for The Green Party in next June’s local elections, has called on the County Council to implement 30km speed limits outside all Tramore schools at times of entry and exit for the pupils.

Mr Nangle, chairman of Tramore Development Trust, said councillors had the power to implement such measures since 2004 and yet 50km speed limits still applied outside the schools.

He demanded action in the interests of child safety.