No feedback from Harney on radiotherapy meeting

Waterford City Council has yet to receive a response from the Department of Health regarding its request for a meeting with Minister Mary Harney to discuss the provision of radiotherapy services at Waterford Regional Hospital.

At Monday’s Council meeting, Councillor David Cullinane (Sinn Féin) said it was incumbent on the Council as a whole to continue to seek “an early meeting with the Minister”.

He added that the meeting with Minister Harney was of utmost importance and must remain at the top of the Council’s agenda.

Outer Ring Road lighting due ‘in the next few weeks’

The Outer Ring Road is due to be fully lit for the first time “within the next few weeks,” Councillors were told at City Hall on Monday night.

Fergus Galvin, the City Council’s Director of Services and Transportation, said that the Council’s work for the additional lighting on the stretches between the Outer Ring Road’s roundabouts had been completed “for some time”.

He added: “Our orders are currently with the ESB and it is our hope that the work will be done over the next few weeks.”

Mr Galvin was responding to a query from Cllr Cha O’Neill (Independent), who said that the full illumination of the Ring Road was a pressing issue given the number of walkers now availing of the route at night.

“Even allowing for how wide the paths are, the road needs to be properly lit,” he said.

Action will be taken on Ballybeg Link Road

Caravans illegally parked on the Ballybeg Link Road will be subject to legal proceedings should they remain in situ, according to the City Council’s Head of Housing and Community Enterprise.

Lar Power told Councillors that his department intends to find accommodation for those among the group who meet its housing criteria. But those who do not will be subject to the full rigours of the law, he added.

When asked by Councillor Joe Kelly (Sinn Féin) about any influence the Council could have brought to bear on the recent illegal parking of caravans at Knockhouse Business Park, Lar Power said the Council “has no power on private lands whatsoever”.

New parking machines prove a success

The installation of 66 pay parking machines across the city has proven an immediate success, according to City Council Transportation Director Fergus Galvin.

The new machines permit drivers to pay for a range of different time scales, from eight minutes to two hours.

When asked by Cllr Jack Walsh (Labour) if there had been a notable drop in parking fines since the new machines came online, Mr Galvin said that “no particular trend” had emerged of late to suggest a reduction in the issuing of fines.

Luke Wadding to be commemorated at Granary

A series of events will be held in the city to commemorate Luke Wadding on the anniversary of his death.

Fergus Galvin told Councillors that events will be held at Waterford Treasures in the Granary on November 18th to commemorate the Waterford-born historian and theologian. He was responding to a query from Cllr Joe Kelly.