The coastal rescue helicopter saved a life last week when a 14 year old girl went missing in Tramore on Thursday. A distraught mother discovered her daughter had gone missing and alerted the emergency services after 9pm.
The helicopter swung into action along the coast near Tramore and, a few hours later with the help of infra-red technology, the child was discovered in the Sandhills where she had fallen asleep. It was a wet, mild night but girl’s body temperature had dropped to 3 degrees below normal due to the damp conditions.
If the helicopter service had not been operating at night, as had been threatened
by the operators due to a payment problem with the contractors, then there would have been a very dangerous situation if the search had to wait until daylight.
There was general relief in Tramore at the rescue as people heard around town heard the news and youngsters communicated on social networks as to the child‘s rescue. All were relieved that she had come to no harm.
The mother of the child was especially praiseworthy of the Gardai, coast guards and ambulance service who also assisted and who proved more than able for the task, dealing with the emergency in a timely efficient fashion.
The mother told The Munster Express she would also like to thank s neighbours and friends who helped in the search despite the bad weather conditions.