Jordan Norris

Glanbia have been given the green light to go ahead with the proposed development of a cheese plant at its Belview premises, after a High Court judge dismissed An Taisce’s appeal to bring the case to the Court of Appeal.

Back in May, An Taisce confirmed their intention to seek leave to appeal the recent decision of the High Court dismissing its challenge against the decision of An Bórd Pleanála to grant planning permission for the development of the cheese processing plant.

The judgement of Mr. Justice Richard Humphreys, which was delivered on Friday, stated:

“The reason the applicant isn’t succeeding here is not because this procedure could be questioned, but because the application hasn’t met the existing tests for the procedure.”

Glanbia have welcomed the decision which paves the way for the establishment of its joint venture with Dutch dairy firm, Royal A-ware.

Chief Executive, Jim Bergin said that the project will support the 4,500 farming families supplying milk to Glanbia Ireland.

“This project, which is in line with government policy, is critical to our market diversification post Brexit, which will support Ireland’s post-COVID recovery and is of huge importance to the 4,500 farm families supplying milk to Glanbia Ireland. Glanbia Ireland is fully committed to sustainability best practice and is working with government to secure a sustainable future for the agricultural sector, through AgClimatise and the Agri-Food Strategy 2030 Process.”