Cyril O’Sullivan CEO of ISPCA spoke recently about the difficulties that ISPCA animal shelters are experiencing at the moment. Shelters are full to capacity due to a marked increase in the number of dogs being surrendered to the charity. This has come about as a result of people returning to work or moving house in this post-Covid environment.

ISPCA are now renting private kennels in addition to their own shelters in Mallow, Longford and Waterford in order to cope with the number of dogs requiring shelter. This is an added expense for the society in times where the cost of animal food, bedding and veterinary prices have also increased.

In addition, the society has a number of dogs in their shelters that have come to them through the good work of the Animal Welfare Inspectors. These dogs are being rehabilitated in preparation for a better life free of suffering and neglect.

Cyril appealed to the public to consider adopting a rescue dog. He also appealed to the public to consider becoming an ISPCA Foster parent to one of the many dogs awaiting their forever homes. A home environment is the preferred option for a dog where they can receive optimal levels of attention and stimulation and learn to be part of a family unit.

Our ISPCA Waterford shelter has a number of beautiful dogs ready for forever homes and foster care. We are hopeful that these dogs will find forever homes soon and we appeal to anybody thinking of getting a new dog to consider having one of our fabulous rescue dogs in their lives. The benefits for humans are huge – rescue dogs are noted for the gratitude that they show to their adopted families. People who rescue dogs report on how excited the dogs are to leave the confines of the shelter and how they appear to be overjoyed with their newfound freedom. The stability of a family unit, good food and security are the building blocks that rescue animals require in order to restore confidence and to flourish.

Pictured here are just four of the amazing dogs currently at the ISPCA Waterford Shelter. They require nothing more than a warm bed, a secure garden from which they cannot escape and an owner who has time to devote to them in order for them to thrive. Details of Joe, Choco, Shep, Mr. Stickman and all the dogs at our shelter can be found on the ISPCA Waterford Facebook page and on our website: or by emailing or calling our office – still at Summerland Square, Waterford.

Email:, Tel: 051-841432.

Michele Quinlivan 
ISPCA Waterford

Old Joe is an 8 year old Belgian Shepherd. He absolutely loves people but doesn’t see eye to eye with other dogs. He has had a tough life so far and now deserves all the love in the world for his retirement years.


Shep is a 3-4 year old black wire-haired male terrier. He’s a fun guy and is good with other dogs.


Mr. Stick Man is a little terrier cross who is a premier league stick catcher.


Choco is a male labradoodle, 4 years old. This quirky little guy will keep you entertained and smothered in kisses.