“Not you again” said Stephen Hunt on Wednesday last when I spoke to him as he paid a flying visit to Dublin to promote a chocolate bar with the catch-phrase “work, rest and play”.

Hunt, dressed in a black t-shirt bearing a brand logo, has been in the news non stop for the past three years and it would be fair to say that one would have had to be on Mars not to have taken notice of his rise to stardom. The “not you again” statement was of course made with a broad smile.

“It is always nice to talk with someone from Waterford and catch up with what is happening back home” he added before speaking about his rather hectic life right now. “I was asked by Mars to get involved with this project some time ago and I agreed because what you eat as a sportsperson is very important. We have a person at Reading who monitors our eating habits and we have to be very careful in that area. Some feel that jelly beans are good while others are totally against footballers eating them. Sugar intake is important but it has to be watched with great care.

“I am not really a drinker in the true sense of the word. I had a drink when we played a pre-season game in Sweden in the summer but not since then. I work hard from Monday to Friday, play a game on Saturday and then relax on Saturday evening. It is more or less the same routine every week. Winning games is the most important thing but you do have to ease off at times. I play some golf when I can and go out every two or three months and let off a bit of steam. I haven’t changed all that much down through the years”.