Strict visitor restrictions have been introduced at University Hospital Waterford (UHW) to help prevent the spread of flu, as the latest figures show that Influenza is now actively circulating in the community. In a statement issued on Friday December 20th, UHW said the decision was made in the interest of patient safety and care and in order to control the spread of the flu within the hospital.
Visiting is closed to all in-patient wards, except if visiting children or those who are critically ill.
Only parents /guardians are authorised to visit children at the hospital Paediatric Unit.
Visiting in the Maternity Unit is limited to partner /next of kin. Exceptions to visiting restrictions will, if required, be facilitated on an individual case basis.
The hospital has appealed to members of the public to only attend the hospital if it is absolutely necessary and not to visit if they have had flu-like symptoms in the previous four days or have been in recent contact with a person who has had flu or respiratory type symptoms.
“We would encourage relatives and friends to contact patients on their mobile phone if feasible rather than visit the hospital over the coming days,” a spokesperson said.
“Visiting restrictions will be reviewed on a daily basis and the public be notified to any changes regarding the visiting restrictions.”
People with flu-like symptoms are advised to telephone their GPs, in the first instance, rather than presenting at the hospital’s Emergency Department.Outpatient clinic appointments will continue as normal. People who are unable to attend due to flu like illness are being asked to contact the relevant Department via the telephone number on their appointment letter to reschedule their clinic appointment.