A new website developed by Bus Éireann – www.whensmybus.ie – now provides real-time information to passengers wanting to know when exactly their bus will arrive.
Thanks to Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, the company is now in a position to let customers know when they’ll be boarding their bus, be it into Waterford city centre or on an intercity route.
The site’s launch comes just months ahead of the opening of the Quality Bus Corridor/Green Route running from the Cork Road to The Quay which Bus Éireann will operate upon.
“We’ve seen the success of QBCs in Dublin, particularly the Stillorgan route, which has led many residents in that part of the city to leave their cars at home and opt for a top quality, reliable and excellently priced public transport alternative.”
Those were the words of Andrew McLindon, Bus Éireann’s PR Manager, who visited Waterford last week.
“By bringing about new innovations, such as the Green Route system here in Waterford which we commend Waterford City Council for developing, and through our new website, an environment is being created where people living along that route are being given a viable, more cost-effective option of getting to work or going to the shops.”
See The Munster Express newspaper for full story.