SeanGallagherSean Gallagher knows how to work a room. At the Tower Hotel on Friday last, it was intriguing to watch the ‘Dragon’s Den’ investor exchange innumerable handshakes, making time for every single person who wished to grab a moment with him.
As personable as any leading business figure this newspaper has had the pleasure of interviewing over the years, Gallagher is, to use his own phraseology, a “positive pragmatist”.
He believes in making eye contact with a potential customer from the get-go, in finding out that person’s name and in businesses making both their shops and wares immediately appealing.
And in a post-boom economy where people are looking for value and customer service in equal measure, such qualities can prove the difference between sinking and swimming, particularly for entrepreneurs.
As one of the keynote speakers at the South East Women In Business Conference (“the token male” as Monica Leech humorously suggested at the conference opening), Sean’s address was pitch perfect.
Thoughtful, funny in just the right places but never at the expense of his central message which addressed the conference’s “show must go on” theme, the Smarthomes CEO enraptured his enthralled audience.
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