Eddie Synnott

Roadplan Consulting Ltd have been commissioned by Kilkenny County Council, in association with Kilkenny Leader Partnership, to seek to form links and create connectivity from the South East Greenway to Glenmore and Slieverue villages, to “drive activity” and allow local access to the Greenway.

Roadplan made a presentation to members of Piltown Municipal District, Kilkenny County Council, at its February meeting, where Mr Dermot Donovan outlined a number of route options for both villages. Mr Donovan also outlined the preferred options for both links. These preferred options were selected as a result of consultation with landowners, the terrain (gradient of land), user friendliness and cost.

In relation to Slieverue, a loop route is the preferred option and Cllr. Tomás Breathnach (Lab) asked if this was also possible for the Glenmore link, as he believed it would prove hugely advantageous and would “intensify usage”.

Cllr. Fidelis Doherty (FG), commenting on the Glenmore link which will begin at the proposed car park, urged the public to engage with the processes which will follow before a decision is made. Cllr. Doherty was of the opinion that public engagement would be hugely advantageous for decision making and also mentioned the many opportunities resulting from the link to the local community, adding that it would “bring back life to the village”.

Cllr. Ger Frisby (FF) also welcomed the proposals and commented on the economic impact it would have on Slieverue village and undo some of the divisions which resulted when the Slieverue by-pass was opened. Cllr. Frisby went on to add that, when up and running, the link would “breed life back to the village”.

In relation to the preferred loop option suggested, Cllr. Frisby outlined the many advantages that this option presented. He pointed out that it was a very scenic route and that the overpass bridge over the N25 would solve pedestrian access to the village and safety issues – something which had been a problem since the dual carriageway was opened and “split the village”.

Public information evenings will be held in Slieverue Parish hall this evening (Tuesday, March 8th) and Glenmore Parish Hall on Thursday, March 10th, from 4pm to 7pm, where information on the route options will be on display and the public will be given an opportunity to express their views, make observations and seek information. Information will also be on display in the Ferrybank Area Office and Ferrybank Library. Comments and/or observations are invited via email to info@roadplan.ie up to 4pm on Thursday March 31st. Submissions should be marked ‘Glenmore & Slieverue links to South East Greenway’.

Larry Gough, Jackie Stapleton and Cllr. Ger Frisby photographed outside Stapletons, Slieverue.

The Code of Practice for National and Regional Greenways, published in December 2021, was also commented on favourably at the meeting. This will strive to acquire lands through voluntary agreements, rather than Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs), with CPOs being used only as a last resort.