Justine Dwyer

A local woman who took the brave step to launch a new business during lockdown is bringing colour and style to many local ladies lives with her One Stop Styling Shop – Sassy and Classy.

Sarah Dalton from Slieverue came up with the idea during the long days of lockdown when she was at home. “I’m a plus size lady myself and I know from experience there is very little in the South East for plus size women. There’s only about 9 or 10 plus size boutiques in the entire country.”

Going into a shop and trying on clothes can be daunting for anyone but particularly for someone who is plus size, explains Sarah. “Many of us have very little confidence and we could pass by a boutique and admire something but think,‘there’s no point in me going in there. They won’t have anything to fit me’.”

Sarah did extensive research on various brands who specialise in the area. “A lot of my stock is German. They know how to make clothes. So many plus size clothes are like tents, they are cheap looking and badly made. I wanted great quality, with lots of colour at affordable prices. I want women to embrace their curves!”

She describes Sassy and Classy as a “boutique – but not a boutique. Firstly it’s by appointment only. “I want my customers to feel relaxed and comfortable as soon as they walk in. I have renovated a property at the back of my house and it’s like walking into someone’s living room.”

The interior of Sassy and Classy.

Sarah chats with the customer and the phone first, finding out a bit about them, what they like and don’t like and from that compiles a range of garments that she feels will suit. “I ask everyone to wear good underwear so that everything will sit right and when they come in, they have a cup of tea or coffee and a chat with me first, to put them at ease.”

Her main aim, Sarah says, is to make women feel good about themselves. “I know what it’s like not to find clothes that fit and it’s horrible. I want my customers to have fun while shopping with me. There’s no time limits, you can take your time trying on and choosing what you like and there’s absolutely no pressure to buy.”

Sarah opened mid-pandemic and says although it took a while to take off, word is now starting to spread about Sassy and Classy. “I’m in this for the long haul and I’m in it for the right reasons. I want to see my customers smile and feel like a million dollars.”

Sarah is offering all Munster Express readers a chance to avail of 30% off all stock online between February 1st and 6th. Simply input MUNSTER30 into the code box when checking out. Visit www.sassyandclassy.ie.

For more information visit Instagram@sassyandclassyplus, Facebook@sassyandclassyplus, Email info@sassyandclassy.ie