At the June meeting of Tramore Town Council, Mayor Joe Conway spoke about “the unremitting frustration” of attempting to access the Council’s email system.

He said that over recent months he had been driven to distraction, time and time again being met with the message “this page cannot be displayed” when he attempted to log on. And he provided dozens of examples, with dates and times, since mid-April.

The problems occurred outside of office hours, but he could not understand how the service could be available at, say, 3.45 a.m. and five minutes later it would be gone. “Who is pulling the plug”, he enquired exasperatedly, adding that it was turning his hair grey.

Town Manager Brian White said he had not previously received any such complaint and would take note of it and seek a report. An after-hours IT service would have to be looked at if the problems persisted.

The Mayor emphatically denied any suggestion that the difficulty might lay with the manner in which he used the system.