Former Tramore Town Councillor Betty Twomey has answered – in bagfuls – current Council members who accused her of spreading falsehoods when she stated on local radio that the resort’s famous sand dunes were rubbish strewn.

In a voluntary collection of litter there last Sunday morning, no less than fifty bags were filled, she said. And there was plenty more which couldn’t be reached upon.

Furthermore, she said there was no sign of any councillors among the collectors – she had claimed on WLRfm’s Deise AM programme that some of them wouldn’t know their way down there.

Her outburst on Billy McCarthy’s show on June 3 annoyed some of the councillors and at their monthly meeting that night Ann Marie Power (FG) said she had been vitriolic towards both the Council and Town Manager Brian White. Furthermore, Cllr. Power accused her of making erroneous remarks which were detrimental to Tramore.

Cllr. James McCartan (Ind) said her tone on radio had been very aggressive – and besides, he had never seen the town and the beach looking so tidy.

Mr. White said he had walked the sand dunes with a party that morning and only very occasional litter was in evidence – he found the area “heavenly”.

But Mrs. Twomey, who is also a former County Councillor, has now hit back. “I created no false impression”, she insisted, backing up her claims with Sunday’s evidence. She said the fifty bags of rubbish were left at the Totem Pole for collection by the County Council, as pre-arranged. It had been collected in a couple of hours between the back strand and the breach, by a small group of civic minded people.

She said the councillors should walk down there, take a good look and have the situation rectified because the sand dunes and beach constituted Tramore’s “one big asset”.