Efforts are underway to provide Tramore with an internal bus services.

Tuesday night’s meeting of the local Town Council heard that talks have taken place with Kavanagh bus operators who recently, successfully, introduced a service from the resort to Waterford Regional Hospital.

Cllr. Lola O’Sullivan raised the subject, calling on Kavanaghs to step into the breach. She said she was delighted to see a new operator arriving in the town and CIE, judging by its response when asked repeatedly in the past, had no interest.

She felt, however, that with the town growing rapidly, Kavanaghs might answer the call, particularly if the Council could offer some support funding.

Cllr. Dan Cowman thought it was a great idea and suggested that from Kavanaghs viewpoint it might help generate additional support for its service into the city.

And Cllr. Blaise Hannigan felt a pilot programme could first be tried out, maybe over a three month period.

Cllr. Raymond Hayden was all for the idea, but didn’t see the need to restrict it to Kavanaghs – it could be opened up to any private operator.

However, Cllr. O’Sullivan said she had already been talking to Kavanaghs who were interested, but said they would need some support, either from the Council or from some public organisation.

Mayor Joe Conway said he had been discussing the matter with Kavanaghs as late as that afternoon and they told him the service, as mooted by Cllr. O’Sullivan, was under active consideration by them. They would be looking to introduce timetables over the next few weeks, but would first have to acquire a licence.

The Council agreed to support their application.