Tramore is to be lit up for Christmas this year after all.
Fears that the resort would be left without festive lighting have been dispelled by the joint efforts of the local Chamber and the Town Council.
Mayor Raymond Hayden confirmed this week that following talks with Chamber representatives it had been agreed that the old lights, which had been considered unsafe, would be repaired and used for one more year at least and the Council would make a contribution towards the cost.
The lights had been funded in recent years by local businessman Eamon McCormack, but he announced that he could not continue to foot the outlay and was relinquishing responsibility in the matter. The cost of providing new lights, having them erected and meeting the ESB bill, would amount to about €20,000.
At the November meeting of the Town Council Mr McCormack was thanked for his generosity over the years, but there was little hope that the necessary funding could be raised to put replacement lights in place, on time.
However, the Council and the Chamber have rescued the situation and Tramore will now have its usual bright Christmas.