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When the 42-year-old Elvis died, 34 years ago next August, hundreds of tribute artistes emerged but Rocky was the original and, as far as several generations of music lovers were concerned, he was ‘The One’.

Last Friday night’s party in The Majestic Hotel was a wonderful occasion and Rocky was in great form with many musicians from his various bands down the years providing the backing. See our Arts and Entertainment section for photographs.

But towards the end of the night a very strange thing happened. Rocky was halfway through ‘Suspicious Minds’ and the audience was in full voice with him when there was a power-cut. Rocky and the Band were silenced and the crowd also stopped singing. Then, in that moment of silence before everybody started chatting again, a voice was heard singing the song. The sound appeared to be coming from the ceiling but there was nothing to be seen. Suddenly, as if the unseen singer realised that he was performing solo, the singing stopped and a deep voice was heard to say in a Southern drawl: “Uh oh, sorry about that, thank you very much.”