Renowned Irish traditional musican Andy Irvine played to a packed church in Waterford’s St. Patrick’s Methodist church last Monday. He played a variety of his own work as well as some music from the likes of Scotland to the USA.

At the end of the night he played some really popular old Planxty numbers like Blacksmith and Arthur McBride. He also recalled a number of tunes that he did with Sweeneys Men, a group that he was with earlier compared to Planxty.

Andy now plies his trade on his own and recalls some great days with Johnny Moynihan in Sweeneys Men, when they toured around Ireland in an old red van.

This was great craic and many a time they had to push or fill up the leaky van with oil in what were different times in the early seventies.

Andy was a great man to tell a tale and switch between guitar and mandolin. He played for about 2 and a half hours with a break in the middle. An excellent raconteur, with a terrific voice, he gives great value for his performances.

Well done to the organisers of the Imagine Festival for organising this fine event.

Earlier there was a pre concert performance by Eoin Dalton and Clare Glavey. They played some nice acoustic original songs composed by themselves. From Tramore, they have good talent for the future and we look forward to seeing them again.

Another gig that was very enjoyable was the Niall Powell Band held in Jordans the Quay, Waterford. He played some American rock numbers from Richie Havens, some nice JJ Cale and Van Morrison. Maybe it is music from another era but they have some great drumming and guitar work in this band. They don’t appear that often as they have other jobs.

Well done to Niall Powell and Ray Moyser, Pat Cosgrave, Mick Plus on bass guitar they really put on a great show.

We were a little disappointed with Leon Redbone, this old American music legend, who played some old country and blues took a long time to warm up.

When he did he did an awful lot of talking as he had a drink on stage and only towards the end did he really entertain his fans, who had travelled far to see him in some cases.

It could have been a better gig but those that like him enjoyed it.

French film Festival

There were some excellent French movies Priceless on Sunday, proved popular in Storm. We saw the film Female Agents a true war story from France during the Second World War, it tells a story of great courage and ruthlessness on both sides.

Taoiseach Brian Cowen may moan about how bad things are but he has not lived through a war or depression so his experience is limited. Maybe he should go to some old movies or read some more history.

The Granary Theatre on Hanover St., Waterford was also well supported by the public well done to Hugo O’Donovan for his appearance and Clodagh Power in the play Elegy for a Lady by Arthur Miller directed by Edward Denniston on Tuesday and Wednesday, a story of an affair.

On Thursday there was a great Waterford play by Stagemad, called Catch the Wind as a young man remembers his late parents back in the sixties, seventies and eighties growing up in Waterford, during more humbler times. Adam Wallace shows great energy and ability in this one man show.

This man will go far and we would love to see this play performed outside Waterford or on telly, there are great local sayings in it and the drama is full of picture style memories recounted by Adam. He did great research, well done. He must put it on again.

Well done to the organisers of the Imagine Festival we found the quality very good this year.