stag and hensSuirfire Productions, who are emerging as the best in entertaining theatre in Waterford, kept the laughter pot bubbling last week at Garter Lane. Their mission statement says “to enlighten and entertain its audience with the highest quality text based theatre” and they certainly know how to entertain and they have stretched the ‘text based’ to great effect with their Waterford-isation of Willy Russell’s Stags and Hens.

Jamie Roche designed a contrasting set of almost equal tackiness to show a Men’s toilet and a Ladies’s toilet in a rundown pub-cum-club and Eoin Sheridan lit it with a garish flair. The story or plotline focuses on the Stags and Hens, both choosing the same venue for the obligatory bash.

John Grubb assembled a great cast, some well-known for comedy work and the result was a lot of laughter and some of the drollest asides from Brian ‘Juckey’ Collins, who lights up the stage or toilet by just standing there and cocking his head to one side. Why he isn’t on the stand-up circuit, I just don’t understand.