CarrieSigourney Weaver eat your heart out! Carrie Crowley, Waterford’s own actress/ Gaelgeoir, radio and TV presenter (in no particular order) is back on the big screens, playing a pivotal role in the Irish-produced movie Earthbound, which was released on 15th March. ‘Earthbound’ tells the story of Joe, a science-fiction fanatic who believes he’s an alien and sets out to convince the girl of his dreams he’s from a different planet.
A sci-fi comedy about intergalactic adventures in modern Dublin, “Earthbound” is the story of a young man convinced he’s a space alien, as well as a story about how he couldn’t possibly be a space alien. The film stars Rafe Spall (Life of Pi, I Give It A Year), David Morrissey (The Walking Dead) and a host of Irish actresses, with Spall playing Joe.
Carrie plays Vera Ellis, reputedly an old friend of the father of Joe. Just before his Dad died, he told Joe they were both aliens, members of a race that inhabited the faraway planet Zalaxon. Until the rebellion there is successful, Dad said, Joe must hide out, work in a comicbook store and somehow perpetuate their race, but only if he can find a girl with whom he’s at least 90% genetically compatible.