Prisoners of silenceMoondharrig Players, Mooncoin presented James Cheasty’s powerful play, Prisoners of Silence, in the Mooncoin Parish Hall and attracted excellent houses for a play that owes it genesis to small-town Ireland. The people know it in their own way, perhaps acknowledging by a nod or a gesture how well they understand the figureheads as represented in this drama, the publican, the seminarian, the garda and the garda sergeant, the politician and the doctor, as these people gather for an ‘unofficial’ Christmas Day drink and hospitality. There wasn’t a nibble or a ham sandwich in sight.

This controversial production is enjoying a revival since Stagemad did it twice in recent times, and Moondharrig have the ambition to take it on and make a success and a ‘talking point’ once again. Moondharrig Players have, by their own admission, men/ women power problems in casting and cannot compete on the Festival circuit anymore. However they took a play to America in recent times and  tried to set up a South Kilkenny/Waterford festival. They know they have an audience with a love and respect for good drama and the possibilities are still there.