Bilberry Goats Poster Waterford Variety Theatre Club and producers Michael Grant and Padraig O’Griofa  will present the irreverent, some-might-say down right brazen, but always  hilarious, Bilberry Goats Comedy Team live at Garter Lane on 3rd to 5th October.
This is a new venture for the Waterford Variety Theatre Club that will feature some  of the Bilberry Goats’ best sketches in a night of ‘manic’ activity. The ‘Goats’ are led  and directed by comedy script writer Tony Corcoran, who is ably assisted by Davy  Sutton, Brian Collins, Brenda Corcoran Giles and Scol Grant.
They spoke to us about life, comedy and how the Bilberry Goats got their name…
Main script writer and comedy director Tony Corcoran is the second eldest son of legendary theatre producer Denny Corcoran.
“I was reared through the heyday of John Player Tops in a house that even having dinner became the raw material for a sketch. My Dad was always writing sketches and performing in the Theatre Royal so I guess I just picked it up from him.
My best theatre memories are the Tops days and my own involvement in the ‘Silent Mikes’ with my brother Paul and the late, great Eddie Coady.
“I have written a lot of sketches over the years without ever really knowing what way they would turn out but, since I teamed up with the Goats, I can now write with definite characters in mind. Always knowing that whatever I wrote, they would add something that I or even God himself would not have thought of.
“Staging a show in Garter Lane is new for us…it might even be a little posh…but it is challenging and exciting. We are trying new things in how we present the sketches. We have a big team assembled: besides the Goats, we have the great Brian Power, the infamous Dee Lanigan, the fantastic Hazel Tebay, the wonderful Jamie Murphy, the astounding David Hennessy along with a few new friends in Jamie Nagle, Julie Power and Megan de Courcey. All of them are joining in the madness of the whole Bilberry Goats Live at Garter Lane journey… will be some craic.
“The name Bilberry Goats? I don’t know you would have to ask Scol about that one.