It was sad to see two young men die in a canoe tragedy over the Easter Week holidays and we offer our deepest sympathies to the bereaved families and friends of the victims. The untimely end of such young, vibrant lives is tragic. Weirs are notoriously dangerous and local knowledge is vital in these occasions. We understand that the victims wanted to go around the weir but the mistaken belief that they were at risk to guard-dogs deterred them and they went back to the river.
Safety is everything and, perhaps, signage about weirs and other hazards are needed for water sports people. It is great to be able to stay healthy but risks must also be weighed up in the circumstances. The emergency services did their very best when the event occurred in the evening but things happen quickly in the movement of such waters and it was too late by the time help arrived. Keeping safe in the waters is paramount and, as we approach the summer, safety and training need to be highlighted more.