Last week was a traumatic week for the country. The losses associated with the Anglo Irish Bank were appalling and much worse than expected. The good news attached to Bank of Ireland and AIB, where credit may be increased again into the economy, was lost.
The general view is that Anglo Irish Bank needs to close with the co-operation of our European partners. Why hold onto it? Get rid of it as cheaply as possible. Make the deposit rates low, sell the good loans to Bank of Ireland and AIB and appeal for EU help to pay off the balance of the debts over ten years. Then move on.
Our MEPs need to work hard on this to get a good deal for the Irish taxpayer and not the one that the Financé Minister offering. The dislike of the Government has never been higher. We even put it to Offaly fans at the hurling game on Sunday that their Taoiseach was deeply unpopular and their answer was: “Who would want his job?” That is the view of many.
Why not now have a national government to deal with the crisis and boost confidence before we slip further. Now that there is a chance for change, the public would embrace it. Even the trade unions are coming on board with the new pay agreement in the public sector.
It is time for the current Fianna Fail Leadership to change or form a national overnment. Why continue as they are? The Cabinet reshuffle was not enough. People want something more radical. We put it to some Green politicians that the black hole of Anglo Irish Bank could not be filled continuously with taxpayers’ money. Some did not understand it. Party Chairman Dan Boyle said he would look at it but was told it would be dearer to close than keep the bank open. But now is the Greens chance to be part of a change and get the country back on track.
Claiming victories over planning issues is not enough today nor is it on other issues like energy. The jobs crisis and faltering economy should take priority and needs action. Confidence has to be restored.
The American economy created over 100,000 jobs in March and is going forward. Britain and Germany will too but where is Ireland. Many positive steps have been taken but now the taxpayer is saying enough is enough as far as Anglo Irish Bank is concerned. Now is the time for politicians to get real, to stop arguing and form a new government that will restore confidence.
Here in the South East the restoration of the Search & Rescue Helipcopter was the first bit of good news. It showed how a sucessful cross party campaign working on a regional basis together can come about.
Could we do the same magain for new jobs?