National morale is definitely in need of a lift.
The Build up to the budget is like going through national torture.
With 5 weeks to go the national media seem obsessed by it.
There is little in the way of other news, even though there are major elections in the USA, a crisis in France and many more EU decisions to consider.
Ireland needs a dose of national morale boosting information.
Here in Waterford we can show some leadership towards the rest of the country by showing that we have good things such as the House of Waterford Glass re opening and the current international music festival underway.
We may have high unemployment but we are trying to do our best in difficult circumstances.
Farming has done well in the south east and the pleasant weather over the summer has been a boost for all, but the winter blues are back.
Getting people to go out and spend money needs to be encouraged not have people over anxious and fearful.
It is reckoned that there are 6-7 billion euro that could be spent by people with secure incomes in secure jobs, but will not spend because of fears created by the government and politicians.
The lack of spending is hitting places like shops, pubs, eating houses and many other businesses that give employment.
Spending money will actually create jobs through the multiplier affect.
Now that we are in November the run up to Christmas, there should be a conscious approach to spend in Waterford businesses where possible and keep the money at home.
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