We travelled up and down to Dublin one day last week and we must say that traffic figures are improving as also is use of the new Suir Bridge. There was a strong level of commuter traffic to Kilkenny from Waterford and vice versa.
The new motorway is a boon to those travellers. There also appeared to be a lot trucks on the road earlier in the week. Perhaps it is Christmas pre-stocking but it surely is a good sign.
There had been concern about traffic problems and the lack of volume but this is growing, people take time to get adjusted to a new route. We also used the motorway to travel to the Midlands last week and found it a great benefit bypassing many towns and getting to our destination more quickly and safely too.
The bridge is also getting more new customers after a good marketing campaign.
We need to use our resources and boast about them to others. You can now drive up and down to Dublin in half a day and still be able to do work when you get back.
It truly opens up the South East so let us be more positive on this point as we come to the end of what has been a bad year apart from the weather and the Munster Final win. We must seek new opportunities with this new motorway and look to see how we can use it to our advantage and create new jobs for the future.
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