13KieranColumnCannes and Los Angeles aren’t the only seaside locations capable of celebrating top-class film productions. Last week, Bonmahon hosted the premiere of a series of films commemorating the village’s mining history. It’s hard to believe that during the 1800s, when copper was mined in the area, the population of Bonmahon at one stage surpassed the 2,000 mark.
The village now unfortunately bears all the hallmarks of an area which has been neglected by the powers that be. However, there are some very hard working individuals contributing to some very worthwhile community projects in the area. ‘The Miners of Bunmahon’ production is the result of months of hard work and commitment to a project aimed at building on and preserving the local heritage and culture of the area.
Commissioned by the Metal Links project at the Copper Coast European Geopark, the films were produced by Copper Coast Productions at The Art Hand.