I know several people that are happy to trot out the theory that despite the fact that there are still sixty seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour, time has somehow speeded up. People with such a belief will usually tell you in the next breath that the end of the world is nigh. To sort of quote a Billy Joel song, “They may be right or they may be crazy”. However as this month flies by at breakneck speed I’m beginning to think that there is some truth to it although I’m not fully convinced it is the end of the world just yet. Perhaps it is a little too soon to blow the mortgage money on a cruise. The quick passage of time could have something to do with how busy the month has been on every front. Politically we have seen the implosion of government and as it dissolves before our eyes it is hard to even comment as the landscape is changing hourly. The odd thing is though that while we watch the collapse in the capital, here in Waterford, city and county, I really think we are keeping it together quite well.