A group from the Waterford Active Retirement Association was sitting in their seats on the plane before flying off to the Canary Islands.
The Captain introduces himself to the passengers over the public address system and tells them about the height they will be travelling at, over what countries they will flying and about the beautiful weather that’s waiting for them in their holiday resort.
But when he finished his little announcement he forgot to turn off the microphone switch and everybody on the plane heard him say to the co-pilot.
“Do you know what, ever since I got up this morning I’m in the mood for a good session with a sexy woman followed by a cup of coffee and my first cigarette in months.”
The cabin staff who were preparing for take-off were horrified to hear the captain’s words over the public address system and the stewardess nearest to the front of the plane ran down the aisle to warn him that his microphone was still live.
Just as she reached the cockpit door, one of the Waterford passengers called out to her. “Hey, Love, I know you’re in a hurry but don’t forget the coffee and the fags!”