NeilArmstrongMost people know that the late Neil Armstrong became the first human being to set foot on the moon when, as Commander of Apollo 11, he stepped out of the lunar module and uttered the now famous words: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” But when Neil was getting back into the module, to the puzzlement of NASA officials, he smiled and quietly exclaimed: “Good luck Mr Gorsky”.  Nobody knew who the hell Mr Gorsky was and the Commander always brushed aside the question when asked.

However, 26 years later, Armstrong was talking to reporters when one of them recalled the infamous Mr Gorsky remark and brought it up in the conversation. “I suppose there’s no chance of elaborating,” said the reporter hopefully. “Actually,” replied the Apollo Commander, “poor Mr Gorsky is now deceased so I suppose it’s all right to tell the story.”

You could hear a pin drop in the room as Armstrong recalled playing baseball in his backyard as a small boy when he heard an argument going on between his next door neighbours, Mr and Mrs Gorsky.

“Sex, you want sex,” yelled Mrs Gorsky, who could be heard out her open window, “you big lump,

you’ll get sex when the kid next door walks on the goddamn moon that’s when you’ll get sex!”