A spokesperson for KRM Construction Partnership, the developers behind the major Newgate Centre project, has underlined their commitment to delivering the development which is seen as vital in reviving business in the heart of Waterford city.

Responding to queries from The Munster Express, the consortium’s spokesman said this week: “Clearly we would have liked to have been further on with the development at this stage and had we avoided the lengthy delays arising from the planning appeals process then construction activity would have been well underway on the site.

“We remain fully committed to delivering this development in Waterford as soon as it is possible.”

Earmarked for a vast site at Michael Street and its environs, the Newgate Centre project has attracted strong interest in the marketplace, according to the KRM spokesman.

“Our agents Bannon Commercial continue to actively engage with tenants for the scheme and the reality is that the construction phase for a project of this scale will provide scope for economic recovery to be very advanced by the time we begin trading.”

The company representative added: “We are also very aware of the appetite that exists for a landmark attraction that would help reverse the decline in retail trade that is very evident in Waterford city centre. In fact, many of those who wish to locate at Newgate Centre are encouraged by the opportunity they see in how Waterford is currently underperforming. We appreciate the patient support we continue to receive from the local community and look forward to work getting underway on site.”