pieta1The Kelly report while not pleasing everybody has put a positive approach for the future.
The Institutes need to move forward, the past two years has slightly delayed the process.
Assurances also need to be given to staff on their positions, as that has left uncertainty
And created opposition.
Morale is another issue the merger must be seen as an opportunity to get to the University,
As one shrewd observer put it, the proposed Technology University upgrade is the only game in town and is part of Government policy.
Better to co-operate and work for the future than fight for something, which is an ideal but may not have financial backing.
The first step will be the merged institution as the South East Institute of Technology and from there, the next step will be the University upgrade.
Michael Kelly reckons that this can be achieved in 18 months. The Dublin Tallaght and DIT upgrade could be over the line in 18 months we have been told but it will be up to an International group and committee to preside over this decision.
This maybe outside of political control as a result.
At least now we in Waterford know what lies ahead and there is a clear path way to the university.
A board of governors meeting of WIT will be held at the end of the month to get approval to move forward as per the Kelly report.
They may not like the report fully, as there is some criticism of the Waterford position in the past.
Hopefully a new leaf has been turned, with the report and the goal of the university is closer in our sights.
To have Waterford alone may have been more desirable but a regional is better to have than not have.
We must look at what it will do for the region which has been underperforming in terms of
High level jobs and higher unemployment.
WE have suffered much from the contraction of manufacturing in recent years, but need to prepare for the new economy and make the transition.
Getting a university in the area will be a great attraction for staff willing to settle here.
We already have cost advantages on Dublin in terms of wages and property costs, you can live on less here. But not having a university is a disincentive for incoming staff, who want to see their children go onto university.
So if there are some troubles along the way of the merger, these facts should outweigh the possible arguments over the opposition to the merger. The main goals of the merger have to be enhancing the area as a location for investment and development.
The issue of the HQ will be emotive and could lead to a tussle, which may be one of the harder issues to resolve.