04RailIarnród Éireann’s decision to reduce commuter services between Waterford and Limerick Junction has fuelled speculation that the line may well suffer a similar fate to that of the now closed Waterford-Rosslare route. The reduction of the daily service from Waterford to Limerick Junction from three to two has prompted fears that the line may well soon be devoid of any commuter service. “The Waterford-Limerick Junction line isn’t alone in terms of a service reduction,” said a long-standing rail lobbyist who wished to remain anonymous.
“But it needs to be asked if cutting three trains each way to two each way will just create a vicious circle of even fewer passengers which ultimately may lead to the line’s demise from a commuter perspective and ultimate closure. This is a very real and valid fear.” For its part, Iarnród Éireann cited the line’s status as the lowest performing commuter lines in the State as a factor in the service reduction