Graffiti “artists” turned their questionable talents this week to defacing two of Waterford city’s most historic and beautiful buildings, both recently renovated at huge cost to the taxpayer and the public.

Staff photographer Eoin Murphy’s picture indicates the effort which must have gone into the handiwork on the gable wall of Christ Church Cathedral, which is nearing completion of a €4.5 million restoration programme. And those responsible clearly needed the use of ladders to leave their unwanted marks high up on the rear wall of the Theatre Royal, which has been refurbished at a cost of more than €1 million. The theatre is to close later in the year for further renovation.

Over €200,000 was spent lime putty plastering the exterior of Christ Church and that work may now need to be revisited in order to properly undo the vandalism. Last year another wall of the building had to be re-plastered due to graffiti which was absorbed by the putty plaster.