Kieran Walsh, Munster Express, Ronan, Kieran and Kate Mulligan and Tom Greene.

Kieran Walsh, Munster Express, Ronan, Kieran and Kate Mulligan and Tom Greene.

Mulligans of Sandymount is one of the newest pubs in Dublin and was opened by Waterfordian Kieran Mulligan and his wife Tash last October.
Son of Jim and Sheila Mulligan, Kieran is a Sandymount resident but spends his summers in Dunmore East with his family.

The idea of a Waterford pub came to Kieran a couple of years ago when travelling to one of the Hurling Championship games that his native county was playing in at Croke Park.

Not being able to direct travelling support to a Waterford pub in the same way that Cork, Tipp and Kerry fans can pick out ‘their’ traditional watering holes, Kieran thought to himself, “well what about a Waterford pub?”

With that in mind, a development opportunity arose in Sandymount, less than 500 metres from Lansdowne Road which led him to take the plunge and buy the site.

With the perfect location secured, Kieran turned to his old friend David Flynn to build it.

Along with support and expertise provided by wife Tash (an interior designer) and local designer Denise Ryan of Fineline Interiors, the pub now proudly stands and they hope it will become the bar of choice to all Waterford people living and visiting Dublin.

On Saturday last, prior to the Ireland/Scotland rugby international, Kieran and Tash held a reception for ‘Waterford family and friends’ to officially launch the pub.

Guests were invited for a light lunch prior to the match and they hope it will be a future rendezvous point for Croker-bound Waterfordians, as well as when the brand new Lansdowne Road opens for business.

There was a great atmosphere there prior as old acquaintances were renewed in a warm and modern setting.

Full marks to the Mulligans and David Flynn on the fine modern standard provided. We’re sure it will be a success in this pleasant part of Dublin, a short walk from Sandymount Strand and leafy Ballsbridge.

It is easily accessible from Waterford via the N11 via towards the East Link Bridge, turning left beforehand for Sandymount, made famous by the Martello Tower on the seafront.

Among the Waterford folk who enjoyed the hospitality were Johns Hill natives Joe and John Walsh (now in Dublin and London respectively) and Jack O’Keeffe, also now of Dublin.

Also present were Pat O’Gorman, Eamon Rice, David Flynn, Noel Curry and Jimmy Curry, Paul Nolan of Dawn Meats, Brian Cotter and Slieverue’s Brendan and Ray Walsh.

We also saw Gerard Breen, Tom Grace, Tom Green, Noel Frisby, Michael O’Neill Tramore (now Dublin) Bernie Murphy, Catherine Lowe and husband John, Joan and Catherine Lowe, Gerard, Carol and Marie Breen.

Various members of the Mulligan family, including Ronan, Kate, Tash and Seamus were also in attendance.

After the match, former Finance Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Michael O’Kennedy arrived to meet his sister Sheila Mulligan, where many locals and Scots had congregated. Despite the heavy defeat, Scottish fans sang their hearts out into the wee small hours.

* Apologies for any local names omitted here, so numerous was the Waterford contingent in Mulligans last Saturday.