Re-acquainting myself, as I have with dogs in recent months, has reminded me of their inherent worth, their constant companionship and the unbridled joy of their company. And learning of the transformative effect which ‘Darcy’ the dog has had on the life of five-year-old Viewmount resident Nathan Lonergan (who has Cerebral Palsy) since mid-January has merely underlined what canines can contribute to our lives.
As Nathan’s elated mother Frances told me: “I can’t really put into words what having Darcy has done for Nathan and for us as a family. It’s just been an incredible few months in all our lives. And Darcy’s made that possible.” Darcy was provided to the Lonergan family by the Irish Dogs For The Disabled, for whom Waterford singer Richie Hayes will undertake a 3000-kilometre charity Harley Davidson trip in the United States this September.
And, like so many other worthy causes out there, theirs is a charity requiring whatever funds can be made available to it, as its Managing Director David Bradley explained.