Print has survived despite the introduction of television and radio, so those predicting its death due to the internet might want to think again.
Another year over. A new one just beginning. The 11th year of the Second Millennium is now upon us, and with every year that passes between now and 2000, the more ludicrous the Y2K/planes falling out of the sky scenario now appears.
Due in no small part to the proliferation of the internet, opinion is now everywhere, and a lot of it is ill-considered, ignorant and potentially libellous. Go onto any web forum after watching any of our most-watched TV shows and just watch the bile flow.
Now it’s worth pointing out that there’s much hilarity to be had when reading some posters’ superb comedic musings. Indeed, much of it is far sharper and wittier than a great deal of content you’ve got to pay for in your newsagents.