Orla Carroll – a student at Maynooth University – has suffered from eczema since she was very young and finds that at times of stress in her life she experiences flare-ups. Her recent introduction to RELIFE has been a revelation to her, after years of trying to find something that would ease the irritation effectively.

“I can never remember a time that I haven’t been suffering from eczema,” says Orla, who has been managing the condition since she was a young child. “In winter it can get very bad; I remember having to bandage up my hands in school during exam time when my flare-ups would worsen. I have spent my whole life going to dermatologists over the years and doing patch tests. I think I have tried every cream ever recommended to me!”

Condition before using RELIFE.

Exam stress

In 6th year at school Orla experienced flare-ups due to stress linked to her Leaving Cert exams, which saw the eczema spread from her hands – where she had almost solely experienced the condition – to her face. “My eyes became so swollen with it I could barely see through them.” A few years later and Orla was preparing for her final exams in Business and Accounting at Maynooth University when the eczema began to appear on her legs and arms as well as her hands. “My mum works closely with dermatologists and she is always bringing me creams to try. She had come across this new range that had just been launched on the Irish market – Relizema from RELIFE. Having used steroid creams, and every other type of product out there, I was sceptical but I decided to trial it anyway.”

Orla began to use the Relizema lipid-replenishing cleanser, the Relizema ultra hydrating lotion and the Relizema cream. “I used the cleanser in the shower, followed by the lotion and I only used the cream on smaller areas that were badly affected for the time period recommended to me. Within a week I saw the results. It worked so well for me. I now continue to use the cleanser and lotion as part of my everyday routine, which has dramatically changed my skin and is really helping me to manage my flare-ups. It is also very cooling on the skin, where other products would sting. It is definitely the best product range I have ever used.”

A confidence boost

Orla’s skin condition has not only been uncomfortable physically for her but it has also affected her self-confidence. She explains that the RELIFE range has helped to improve her skin and also boosted her confidence as a result. “I was very self-conscious about my eczema – I wore long-sleeved tops and didn’t show my arms or legs. Now, having introduced these products into my skincare routine, I am completely comfortable in my skin. It feels so soft. I would 100% recommend this range to others who suffer from similar skin conditions.”

Results after a few weeks of using RELIFE.

Skincare routine

Orla now regularly uses products from the range as part of her everyday skincare regime and she believes it is helping to keep her eczema under control. “I have created a new routine using Relizema products. I continue to use the cleanser and lotion, all over, every day. I have used the bath oil also and I love it – it is great for when I am shaving my legs and leaves no irritation or bumps on my skin. I have even introduced the range to my sister, who also suffers from skin conditions, and she loves it too.”

Recently, Orla tried the new U-Life range and is already a fan. “I love the U-Life 5 moisturising smoothing face cream and the U-Life 30 ultra-regenerating hand cream – myself and my sister both use these products now.”

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