Waterford City Council Director of Services Mr Fergus Galvin has been asked by Tramore Town Council to address its January meeting on the subject of the Tramore Road flood relief scheme the city authority is undertaking.
A letter from Mr Galvin, read at the Town Council’s December meeting, confirmed that a contractor had recently moved onto the site and it was anticipated the work would take five to six months to complete. It is to include both drainage and road works geared to substantially alleviate the incidence and severity of flooding.
“The work will be carried out in phases so as to minimise traffic disruption and the contractor will have a traffic management plan in place”, wrote the Director of Services.
Mayor Pat O’Callaghan said the main road would be closed for a period, with traffic diverted. He was concerned about the condition of the back road to Waterford, which would be required to take substantial extra traffic and he said he would invite Mr Galvin to attend the January meeting to discuss the matter.
Cllr Pat Finnerty thanked the City Council for recent works to relieve flooding at the Ballindud roundabout, which at least ensured commuters from Tramore had a means of entering the city via the Ring Road.