According to a report in the last Saturday’s Irish Independent, a property at Ballinamona recorded the highest value residential sale in Waterford during the second half of this year.
A property at Castlewoods, Ballinamona was sold for a substantial price of €675,000 in the third quarter while, in total there were 332 sales recorded Waterford, with the property price register recording a 67 per cent in transactions between July and September.
The average sale price was a modest €135,000, which is below the national average of €235,000, which reflects how hard the market has been hit here.
The average price in Kilkenny came in at €175,000, €40,000 above the Waterford average. Tipperary’s average came in at €120,000 average while Dublin, unsurprisingly, led the way on €381,000.
This underlines the difficulties facing Waterford people when it comes to selling homes here and then attempting to buy in Dublin.
The total value of sales in Waterford over the three month period surveyed was a substantial €44 million.
Banks are beginning to lend more and this is supporting more activity, but a large number of properties are being sold for cash and without mortgages.