The world has become a very different place since my last article, who’d have thought I’d be writing this, and you’d be reading this in isolation? Like the song says “It’s a mad world”! Nevertheless, life goes on and there are always positives to be taken from a bad situation. In this case there are a lot of you at home with a lot more time on your hands than you would not normally have, so it may be the perfect opportunity to do a bit of decluttering of your wardrobe. Not only will you have a tidy and organised wardrobe at the end but it will also do wonders for your mind. A clear-out for your head as well as your wardrobe. And that’s something we could all do with right now.
The challenge is to only have pieces in your wardrobe that you actually wear. If it’s doesn’t fit and hasn’t done so in the last twelve months, get rid of it. If you don’t like it then no point in holding onto it, get rid of it and if it was well loved but now worn and a little worse for wear, yes you guessed it, GET RID OF IT!
Starting Point
Start by taking every hanger out of your wardrobe and only put back what you absolutely want to keep. This will force you to think hard about your decision to keep certain items. It’s too easy to flick through them on the rail and leave them in.
Sort everything in three categories KEEP, CHARITY SHOP and RECYCLE. Anything that is in poor condition can be recycled, anything that is in good condition but you’ve decided not to keep can go to a charity shop. Now you could add a fourth category if you have some very good quality items that are in mint condition that you don’t want to keep. You could sell them and make a few euro while decluttering your wardrobe.
Super Efficiency
As you are sorting all the contents of your wardrobe into the different categories keep a pen and paper to hand, this is the opportunity you need to become a smart shopper when all the shops are open again. Minimize the impulse buys and concentrate on pieces that you actually need to complete an outfit. If you are throwing all your white basics into the recycle category because they are grey and worn out, pop them on your list of things you need, and if you’re keeping a dress that you have never worn simply because you haven’t got the right shoes to go with it, put the shoes on the list. The next time you go shopping you will be creating outfits rather than filling up your wardrobe again with random individual pieces. It also helps when putting everything back to hang them colour coordinated, this will make life much easier when putting an outfit together.
Smart Shopping
I look forward to getting back out to the shops again soon but don’t forget most of your favourite boutiques operate online so you can still do some “Smart Shopping” after you have completed your Isolation Organisation Challenge. Remember your small local businesses during this crisis, buy vouchers as gifts if you can as so many have had to close their premises and let staff go.
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