11KieranColumnANOTHER chapter of Waterford’s industrial history closed last week as the gates of the Kilmeaden Cheese Factory shut for the final time, as was reported in The Munster Express. Although manufacturing of the product moved to Ballyragget in Kilkenny following Glanbia’s controversial decision to cease manufacturing in Kilmeaden in 2005, the Waterford site was still used for storage purposes.
It’s a source of annoyance for many that a product which was established in Waterford in the 1960s is now manufactured in North Kilkenny bearing the original name. In fact, I know many people who refuse to buy the product anymore on principle. And it’s not just because of the usual Waterford/Kilkenny rivalry, although this no doubt adds further salt to the wounds.
Now that the cheese is no longer stored in Kilmeaden as of last week, it bears no direct connection whatsoever to the village.