The Waterford coast is at risk, and we need your help. The Government of Ireland has identified four sites for the development of offshore wind farms off the coast of Co. Waterford within the draft South Coast DMAP. This plan includes the deployment of 330 massive turbines, each towering over 300 meters tall—six times the height of Helvick Head or Brownstown Head.

One of these sites, 'An Tonn Nua' (Site A), is alarmingly close to shore, just 12.4 km from the coast at its nearest point. This proximity threatens our beautiful coastline, biodiversity, and fishing industries.

What We're Asking For

We are calling for the removal of Site A from the plan. This would reduce the number of turbines by 60, an 18% decrease overall, significantly lessening the visual and environmental impact on our cherished coastline.

Why This Matters

Offshore wind energy is crucial for combating climate change, but these wind farms do not need to be so close to our shores. For example, Scotland's Morven wind farm is planned over 60 km from shore in waters between 64 and 75 meters deep and will be operational by 2030. This project uses the same bottom fixed foundations which our government claims cannot be used in waters over 60 meters deep. If the Irish Government is willing to use current advancements in technology and offshore energy deployment techniques, we believe that all wind farms off Waterford can be deployed over 25km from shore in water depths of 65 – 75 meters thus reducing visual and environmental impacts.

The Threat to Our Coastline

Waterford's coastline is a national treasure, renowned for its stunning natural beauty, including the Copper Coast UNESCO Geopark and numerous pristine beaches. The proposed offshore wind farms, especially those close to shore, could drastically alter the character and allure of our coastal region.

A recent survey by Blue Horizon, revealed significant public concern:

  • 60% of respondents believe that marine biodiversity, including whales, dolphins, fish, and bird species, will be threatened by the introduction of offshore wind farms.
  • 81% do not trust the Irish Government to protect our environment from inappropriate wind farm development.
  • Over 75% stated that it is very important to use the most up-to-date technology for offshore wind farms to mitigate environmental and visual impacts.
  • 70% believe that visitor numbers to the Waterford coastline will decline if large wind turbines are located close to shore.

Biodiversity at Risk

The introduction of offshore wind farms close to shore can significantly impact marine biodiversity. The construction and operation of these turbines can disrupt habitats, migration patterns, and breeding grounds of various marine species. Noise pollution from turbine construction and operation can disturb marine mammals, while the physical presence of turbines can alter water currents and sedimentation patterns, affecting fish populations and other marine life. Protecting our marine biodiversity is essential for maintaining the ecological balance and health of our seas.

Visual Impact and International Best Practices

Independent research from England and Wales recommends that wind turbines between 225m and 300m in height should be located at least 40 km from shore to ensure a low visual impact. The current proposals, placing turbines as close as 12 km from Waterford’s coast, are inconsistent with these findings and international best practices.

Take Action

We urge the Department of the Environment, Climate, and Communications (DECC) to reconsider the placement of these wind farms. By requiring a minimum distance of 22 km from the shoreline, we can protect Waterford's natural beauty, marine life, and tourism industry while still contributing to Ireland’s renewable energy goals.

Sign Our Petition

Your voice is crucial in this fight. Blue Horizon asks you to join us in protecting Waterford’s coastline by signing our petition to remove Site A from the South Coast DMAP and ensure that all renewable energy developments are placed at least 22 km offshore. Over 1500 people have already signed the petition within the first week, showing strong community support for this cause. Every signature counts.

Please sign and share the petition at or access the petition by scanning the barcode where you may see it. Let’s stand together to preserve the natural beauty and heritage of Waterford for future generations.

Together, we can make a difference.